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Aerial shot of ice and snow from

FINKEL what?!

Yo - hope you are well. Thanks for being curious about us. We’re a married couple that likes to do out-of-the-box shit to create our music. Welcome to our fever dream <3

Jane and Brian Spencer of FINKEL seem to arrive from the near future, or perhaps somewhere out there, appearing with a slight shimmer of a dimension adjacent to our own. With an atmosphere treading the periphery of pop, the duo’s tangible vocal presence overlays hypnotic, cinematic pulsations in a combination that teases out details of last night’s otherworldly dreams and tempts the waking state to return to its astral analog.

FINKEL aims to inspire creativity and strengthen human connection, while deterring the fears and insecurities attached to making art. That’s why they’re creating a docu-series in partnership with Slow Blink where they travel globally to new locations, meet new collaborators, and make music inspired by their adventures together. The vulnerability involved in making art is hugely beneficial for everyone. The more open we are with ourselves, the more understanding we can be of the world around us. As a proof-of-concept for their docu-series premise, FINKEL hunkered down on the isolated, snow-covered Mackinac Island, nestled in the middle of Lake Huron from January - March of 2021 and wrote, Islanders. 

Press photo from Islanders by Erin Soorenko featuring FINKEL
Sick 2020 press shot by Erin Soorenko featuring FINKEL
Backpack of Snacks press photo by Erin Soorenko featuring FINKEL
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