"White Elephant" was written by FINKEL on Mackinac Island, Michigan in January 2021 while writing their album "Islanders". The duo visited one of the woodland-hideouts that Jane and her friends frequented as teens, coined "White Elephant". White Elephant is a fallen, uprooted tree, deep in the Mackinac woods and acted as a secret hang out spot. Its roots (pictured in the album art) run much deeper than what is exposed. Similar to the kind of friendships that start at a young age, the roots are never truly separated from the soil. Everyone always comes back. The duo wrote the song to capture the feeling of revisiting the familiar wooded landscape of their youth, with the same friends who have been enjoying it for decades. FINKEL wanted to further articulate this connective tissue by bringing in Michigan-native, Illa J, to talk about his spot when he was growing up in Detroit. FINKEL have been fans of Illa J's for years, so getting to tell this story with his help was an incredible full-circle moment. "White Elephant" was produced by Josh Stadlen, mixed by Khushi, and mastered by Dale Becker.Additional Perks For The Collector:⁃ Invitation to FINKEL’s private listening party for their album “Islanders” at their studio in East Hollywood, California. - 1 vinyl of “Islanders” (Delivery of vinyl is TBD based on manufacturing timeline) - Free entry to 1 FINKEL concert of your choice (no expiration) ⁃ A hug when we meet you in person

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March 1, 2022


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FINKEL FINDS - Season 1 Roadmap


January 18th, 2022


FINKEL FINDS is a publicly produced choose-your-own adventure docuseries, in which FINKEL travels the globe creating music inspired by people, experiences, and their environment.


Yo - thanks for being here! We're a married couple that likes to do out-of-the-box shit to create our music. We’ve been writing, producing, creating, and touring for the last 4 years as FINKEL, and the last decade as a part of other projects.

Photo by Meredith Adelaide from FINKEL FINDS Episode 1
Photo by Meredith Adelaide from FINKEL FINDS Episode 1

In every project we’ve been a part of, we’ve pushed the creative envelope by curating unique writing workshops that help shape the music we make. The workshops we run are grounded by a set of parameters that get the juices flowing. For example, simply being in a new-and-inspiring location breeds creativity. Another example came about in 2018 when we wore various colored lenses for months-on-end to change our perspective, and therefore our creative output. A common way we push our creative envelope is by collaborating with artists of various mediums.

In 2018 when launching FINKEL, we had the vision of taking these experiences to a public documentary-style format. After 3 years of planning and practicing our craft, we had the opportunity to shoot our first feature-length documentary on Mackinac Island, MI. We were lucky enough to get an incredible team of directors, film-makers, producers, musicians, and animators excited about taking on the project as well. The album Islanders will be released on April 29th, and the documentary (also titled Islanders) will be coming out in Q3 or Q4 of 2022.

After wrapping the album and the feature-length doc, we decided to try our hand at creating a similar project in a shorter format. We landed on FINKEL FINDS and began searching for the next interesting story, creator, location, art medium, etc. with the purpose of creating music from what we learn. In November 2021 we released our first episode, which features the talented multi-disciplinary artist, Meredith Adelaide. Our second episode of FINKEL FINDS features the power-couple, Latashá and Jah. Click any of the links below to watch the first 2 episodes and the corresponding songs from season 1.




Back in 2014 we were on our first national tour. We were somewhere between Austin and Houston, Texas when a conversation broke out about why we decided to be musicians in the first place. Our answer then, has a direct correlation to why we are creating FINKEL FINDS now. Music, especially pop music, has the ability to spread a message or idea to a large amount of people, and impact culture. We have always used our songs to convey messages we feel are important, in an attempt to have a positive impact on those who listen.

FINKEL FINDS allows us to tell these stories more completely by providing the viewer with both visual and sonic relationships with people, experiences, environments and messages captured in episode and song. It’s our goal to continue to highlight the beautiful, study the ugly, and experience everything in between to share it with the World. We want to use FINKEL FINDS to learn from each other, try to be better civilians of the planet, and leave it better than how we found it.


We have plans to pilot one more episode of FINKEL FINDS down in Tijuana (super stoked). After working out some kinks in the first 3 FINKEL FINDS episodes, we want to open things up to our community.

GOAL: We want FINKEL FINDS to be a community-produced docuseries. We’re aiming to make a total of 7 episodes for season 1, meaning the last 4 episodes of this season will be community produced. If this experiment works, we want to take this information and model to television networks and talk about creating FINKEL FINDS season 2 and beyond.


February 5, 2022: Film Episode 3 of FINKEL FINDS, featuring Tijuana artist(s)

March/April 2022: Release Episode 3 of FINKEL FINDS, featuring Tijuana Artist(s)

May - October 2022: Film and release the last 4 episodes of FINKEL FINDS season 1, with the help of the community

November 2022: Begin planning for the next season of FINKEL FINDS or the next feature length documentary.


If you’ve made it this far, thanks! We have big plans, and want them to lift up our FINKEL FAM community, shed light on artists locations and experiences, and bring financial independence. This is an EVERYBODY EATS kind-of-year. We hope you are hungry, because there’s a seat waiting for everyone at the FINKEL dinner table and we’re about to serve din.

Photo by Erin Soorenko
Photo by Erin Soorenko

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